How to Manage Your Online Store Shipping

Online Store Shipping

Are you in this situation?

You just found a product with high potential for attracting clients. You want to offer the product on an online store. Hence, you proceed on to launching a wooing online store with attractive layout and design. Also, you have made sure that the order completion is easy and your site is user-friendly.  Now, all you need is to sit down and watch as your sales grow. You think so?

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Unfortunately, the selling process is complete when your customer received what they ordered for and satisfied with its content. Also, the timeliness of the delivery is an essential factor in determining whether a customer will shop with you again or just wave your store a goodbye. As such, it is essential to have a reliable way of managing your online store shipping. Here is how to do it:

Selecting a reliable carrier

Your carrier is the central determinant of how your customers will receive your brands. Your carrier is like a business peer who assists you to fulfill your business mission. As such, you should go for a reliable shipping carrier that keeps your customer promises. For instance, if you promised your customers they will receive their orders in 3days, you must ensure your carrier of choice can fulfill it.  Also, multi-carrier shipping is preferable when you are dealing with international customers.

Ensuring accurate labeling of your shipment

Apart from finding a reliable carrier, the next aspect of good shipping management is shipment labeling. How you label your products and shipping packages determine the easiness of identifying their owners. Correct labeling makes it easy for the shipping company to deliver the products to the customers and avoiding unnecessary delays. Also, you need to ensure your packaging and labeling complies with the set standards. Hence, you can opt for labeling apps and services to facilitate your shipping and eliminate delays.

Determining shipping costs

Another thing you need to manage your online shipping activity is costs. Before initiating the shipping process, you need to compare several rates for various multi-carrier shipping providers. You aim to ship your product at the most affordable cost and in a reliable way. Thus, you should check what each carrier is offering to deliver products to customers and which shipping method is available. As well, when shipping to international destinations, you need to determine the custom and excise duties and taxes charged.

By following these steps, it will be simpler to manage your online store shipping affairs by avoiding unnecessary delays and customer dissatisfactions.